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Holding on

I love Christmas! I love all the lights and color and music. Like a child, I treasure all the celebrations and events that occur this time of year.Christmas

Sunday evening we attended a Christmas concert performed by the Marine band from a nearby base. It was fabulous! On Monday, our church put on a luncheon for the ladies (and a supper that evening) with a terrific speaker. It was wonderful to have my mom there and my sister, Vivian, and daughter, Kristina. My daughter Meridith had to work, unfortunately. It was a blessing also to have several friends join us. This coming Saturday, we plan to attend a party sponsored by the MDA. It’s definitely a busy time.

As much as I enjoy all the Christmas celebrating, recently I have been troubled by concerns. Not for myself. I’m fine. Well, as “fine” as I can be under the circumstances. Members of my family and several friends are going through some difficult times with various medical problems. Many of these are potentially life-threatening. I find I am spending more and more time in prayer. It is difficult for me to let go of all of these worries, though I know that is exactly what I should do. I hold on to each problem as if by doing so, somehow that will make things better. Silly me.

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

 John 14:27

The thing is, when illness invades a family by attacking one member, everyone close to them suffers as well. It hurts to see someone you love in pain. You want to make it better. You want them to be proactive and to follow through with doctors’ instructions. You would give anything to see their health restored.

Intellectually, of course, I am perfectly aware that nothing is to be gained by worrying about it. But my heart doesn’t always listen to reason.

So, I pray. I picture Jesus sitting beside me holding my hand. He listens; He understands. He already knows about the suffering I am telling Him about, but He still listens patiently.

Whether or not God chooses to heal someone is His business. He knows the big picture. I do not. One day, I look forward to asking a whole lot of questions! In the meantime, my hope is that I may find the right words to say at the right time. Instead of holding on to my worries, I need to practice simply holding on to His promises. One day at a time.

Love, Patty

5 thoughts on “Holding on

  1. Thank you Patty, for your words of encouragement and the strength and kindness that shines through you. You are an inspiration and I have been so blessed to know you.
    I am taking comfort in the passages you shared. I am clinging to God’s promises.

  2. Patty, God has given you such a sweet, tender heart and although painful, the result is a genuine and tender outpouring of concern and prayers of intercession. Thank you for praying, it’s the best gift anyone could receive from a friend and loved one.

  3. Yes it is so good to have the Lord and know He cares about us. Sometimes it is hard to let go of the problems and trust Him, but it is good to know that you are trusting Him.

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