ALS in 50 Words

Recently, WordPress, through its own “Daily Post”, challenged its bloggers to create a post consisting of 50 words. No more. No less. Challenge accepted.

Powerchair controls

ALS in 50 Words

Stumble; fall. Lots.

Pain, worry, bewilderment, fear.

Doctors and tests. Physical therapy. More tests. Possible diagnosis. Infusions.

Continued progression.


More questions than answers.

Fear of falling; falling into fear.

Repeat tests. Only one possibility.


Tears, grief, terror.


Adapt. Prepare. Plan.

Love and encourage everyone.

Trust in God.

24 thoughts on “ALS in 50 Words

  1. Those 50 words do provide warnings of the bad. But they should be accompanied by a list of the new levels of love, friendship, enhanced family relationships and much more that are so wonderful.


  2. That sums it up. how are you doing…is someone with you daily. did you qualify for speaking device. have a blessed easter…he is our hope. love, becky


    • Hi Becky. Between Alan, my caregiver Deanna, family and friends, I have someone with me pretty much all the time. My eye-tracking device is in process. Getting anxious. Take care. God bless you.


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