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Under Heaven

There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens…

The opening verses from Ecclesiastes chapter 3 were the inspiration for the 1965 song by The Byrds, “Turn! Turn! Turn!” The 60s were an interesting time for those of us growing up during that era. 🙂

0207sunriseAll life on earth is about change. Life with ALS is all about changes. We live in a constant state of adaptation and adjustment. We get comfortable with a certain way of doing something until… It doesn’t work anymore. The challenge is trying to stay a step ahead, if possible.

This post is being dictated in Dragon still because I am continuing to learn how to use my Tobii eye gaze device. We are so grateful for the support of the Tobii rep! She came by the other day to help us with a few questions. Now, my job is to continue practicing. My goal is to become proficient BEFORE I am unable to speak at all. (I am assuming this will happen.) So I plan to spend time each day training my eyes to “dwell” on specific locations on the screen rather than darting all over the place. Apparently, I am used to scanning continually! So, my inclination is to be looking ahead to what I need to do next. This doesn’t work with Tobii! Must focus!

Some people have asked me how eye gaze technology works. I found this video that explains it very well.

Another change in the works is the long-awaited selling of my little pickup truck. (sniff) We held onto it after we moved into this house in case we needed it for hauling things. Then we just got busy with everything else and the truck just sat there.

Silly boys! Trucks are for girls! Well, not really… For sale: 2004 Tacoma

Silly boys! Trucks are for girls! Well, not really…
For sale: 2004 Tacoma

I miss driving my little truck around! When I played handbells, I often transported bells and equipment. My truck easily accommodated all five octaves of bells and other assorted accoutrements necessary for the performance of bell concerts.

Soon we will pay another visit to Dr. S in gastroenterology. She wants to see how I am doing with swallowing and getting adequate nutrition. As far as I can tell, I am still able to swallow well. There have been a few choking episodes, but I feel it is under control. Small bites, soft foods, and refraining from talking when eating all help. Dr. S told us at the last appointment that we “will know” when it is time for the feeding tube. So far, so good.

I have an appointment scheduled for late June with the ophthalmologist to take a look at the cataract in my left eye. Hopefully it won’t take too long to schedule surgery, if that is what the doctor recommends.

And a time for every purpose under heaven

Seasons change. Days fly by. ALS continues its systematic destruction of the motor neurons in my body. But I am still here. And I will still praise the One who has promised me a home with Him when my season on this earth is over – whenever that may be.

Love, Patty

8 thoughts on “Under Heaven

  1. This technology (Tobii) is very interesting. Patty, you continue to teach us much about living life to the fullest! Thank you, sister.


  2. As usual I am impressed with the new devices as you get them, and pray for your help
    in learning to use them effectively. My hooking up a new phone is small by comparison.
    In the meantime I just want to assure you of my love and prayers.


  3. The more you work with your Tobii, the easier it will get. My brother sometimes had a difficult time shutting it down at the end of the day because he was so tired. God will help you through all this and so much more. I continue to be amazed with your blog and continue to keep you al in my prayers.


  4. I love you too. Prayer works in so many ways. Keeping focused is the way we learn and feel, as well. Slowing down is often good for us all. You are not alone, ever. hugs via the net till I see you soon. lov vivi


  5. I did not know that you had this cute truck!!! I learn something new about you all the time. You constantly amaze me. sorry to interrupt the conversation this morning but I wanted to share my Seattle daughter Julie. I always love seeing you and Alan and just get excited. hugs


  6. Patty – I am not certain what calling encouraged me to google als blogs. I have read your history and admire your strength and fortitude. You are an amazing lady! I was in London last week and I was sure to check up on you when I returned.


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