To My Loving Creator

To my loving Creator

You made the universe, vast and mysterious.

You made this galaxy, set it in motion.

You made this, our solar system,
assigned our star, the sun, its duties,
ordered each planet its own unique orbit and properties.

You made the earth,
filled it with geological wonders,
an atmosphere that interacts with land and seas and light
so that all of it is10929061_10204623750891583_4569061616529163814_n
ever changing,
ever amazing,
ever inspiring.

And You created life.
Plants, animals, man.
Man, You made in Your image. So that You could have fellowship with these people.
So they could, if they chose, delight in all You had created.
And having been created in Your image, we, too, enjoy creating.

You have gifted each person with their own unique set of gifts.
As unique as their fingerprint or their DNA.
Each man, woman, and child that has ever lived, or will live, is precious to You.
To each one You have given a set of special, unique talents.

And me, oh most awesome Creator, You placed within me a desire to create.
In childhood I drew on, colored, painted, pasted, cut, folded, and glittered every scrap of paper.
And all musical instruments, toy or “real,” were explored, searching out the sounds they made.
And clay, from Play-Doh to the real thing, let my hands shape anything I could imagine. Even though the result wasn’t always quite what I had in mind.

Years after year, I sought ways to create. Sewing, baking, arts, music, crafts…any medium would do.
Even writing.

Nothing filled me with awe and wonder like the miraculous creation of two lives through pregnancy and motherhood. 1983My God, You created these two unique individuals and then entrusted them to us to love, nurture, protect, and teach. What a challange! What a thrill! What a ride! I know I was far from perfect as a mother, but I love these two so, so much. And I thank You for the honor of being their mother.

Over the years, I continued creating through music, cooking, sewing, and the occasional attempt at writing.  Piano218135_1761364551786_2596683_n

One of my last projects, a camouflage blanket for Henry

One of my last projects, a camouflage blanket for Henry

A Kindle cozy, my very last sewing project

A Kindle cozy, my very last sewing project

When ALS took all this away, except writing, I embraced this, my one ability this disease can’t take, thanks to technology.

With my eyes, I paint word pictures, giving thanks to You for the blessings each and every day.

With my eyes, I sing and make music in my heart.

With my eyes, I create, still.

And for that, I praise You,

my loving Creator!


10 thoughts on “To My Loving Creator

  1. I am so inspired by your tribute to our Creator. While I don’t write my thoughts for
    publication, I find my thoughts in writing personal notes have been helpful to many,
    so appreciate the way you write these thoughts. God bless you, Patty. Love and


  2. I am so blessed to be your sister. To have you chronicle the wedding for Ken & I, in pictures and your sweet presence over seeing the day with all the friends in Ramona. With Meridith helping. So beautiful a niece. I am so grateful for the family you have and I actually have a chance to be a part of with you. It is a beautiful day. Unusually bright an clear for winter. Of course this is San DIego, CA. We are some very blessed citizens of the USA. Hugs forever. Vivi


  3. Found your site because of the QUEST article. I have Limb-Girdle dystrophy, which has kicked into high gear since I turned 60 ten years ago. I am so thrilled to find a believing sister who writes!! Challenges different from yours, but I can appreciate some of what you have to work through emotionally, spiritually, and environmentally.I look forward to meeting you before His throne.


  4. As always, I am in awe of you and inspired by you, Patty. Thank you for sharing. You are the strongest person I know, and I feel lucky to be your friend.


  5. Your writing is truly God-given, Patty. How many people have you graced with your words, soothing them with your words, giving them a thankful heart for one more day, so many wonderful promises and loving words. Bless you, Patty. And He has! You are precious to us.


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